Thursday, July 21, 2005

Final Word...

Thanks for visiting and for assisting us in our efforts to ensure that only genuine Tommy Bahama merchandise is sold and purchased on Ebay. This is a community effort and we all need to work together to be successful.

We wish you the best of the Island Living Lifestyle, free from the worry of fraud and with no concerns to interrupt your Relaxed Style other than which Tommy Bahama shirt should I wear today...

Answers to some Common Questions:

How can I tell if an item is a fake prior to purchase?

There are several things you should look for prior to purchase to ensure that the Tommy Bahama item you are about to bid on is probably authentic.

  • Be sure that you are buying from a reputable Tommy Bahama Seller. The list below has on it Ebay sellers known to sell only authentic Tommy Bahama merchandise. In addition, check a seller's feed back rating and actually read some of the comments. Make sure that they have long and positive feedback.
  • Make sure the style item that you are considering bidding on is a legitimate Tommy Bahama style. For example - Tommy Bahama NEVER made a Harley Davidson Shirt!!! The silk prints are not authentic Tommy Bahama prints. There ARE hundreds of fake embroidered shirts that are copies of actual TB shirts.
  • Ask questions before you bid - make sure the seller is legit, the item is real, ask where they get their merchandise. The ONLY avenues in which Tommy Bahama offers its merchandise for sale is via: 1) Tommy Bahama Stores, 2) authorized department stores, and, 3) authorized specialty stores. Unless an Ebay seller of Tommy Bahama has an authorized off Ebay store, they obtained their merchandise through ?hitting the stores? in search of sales.
  • Tommy Bahama DOES NOT SELL SECONDS even at outlets and sales, they only sell first line perfect merchandise. Poorly made items are destroyed and do not reach market. A seller offering factory seconds is either misinformed themselves or lying.
  • Tommy Bahama has no factory overruns - period A seller who says they are selling overruns is either misinformed themselves or lying.
  • Although almost all authentic Tommy Bahama merchandise is actually manufactured in the Far East, you need to exercise great caution if buying from a seller who is from the Far East (China for example). Remember, Tommy Bahama does not have any factory overruns or factory seconds! All of the Tommy Bahama sellers here on Ebay have been approached by fraudulent sellers from China offering huge quantities of merchandise at prices too low to believe. BEWARE!
  • Remember - tags do not make fakes real - if you can counterfeit a shirt or pair of pants you can also print counterfeit tags.
  • Also do not buy from anyone who has the bidder's identities private - if you are selling above board authentic merchandise why would you not let the Ebay community see who is bidding on your items?
  • Beware of ONE DAY weekend auctions. Many sellers are aware that they are selling fakeTommy Bahama items. Therefore, they hold ONE DAY, WEEKEND auctions to avoid being shut down.
  • Tommy Bahama has unique names for their style and colors, look for these unique names in the lising. For example Tommy Bahama might call a brown color shirt MUSHROOM.

How can I tell if an item I purchased is a fake?

While there is no sure way of totally determining an items authenticity, there are certainly some tell tale signs.

  • Quality - authentic Tommy Bahama is made with exceptional attention to detail and meticulous craftsmanship. Many of the fakes are not. While genuine Tommy Bahama CAN be washed, most fakes fall apart in the washer - buttons come off, seams open, etc.
  • Style - is it an authentic Tommy Bahama style?

I received an item and am sure it is a fake, what can I do?

Obviously once you have purchased and received your item you are in much greater danger of being stuck with it even if you determine it is a fake. Some things you can do to help ensure that you do not totally get burned are:

  • Demand a refund - many sellers of fakes will refund rather than risk a negative. Of course you should still leave a negative once you get your money back - how else can we police the scam artists who are trying to ruin our Ebay community and rip us all off.
  • Notify Ebay's Safe Harbor
  • Notify Tommy Bahama's corporate attorney (see below).
  • Check out this site:

Welcome, Tommy Bahama Enthusiasts

Everyone who either sells or buys Tommy Bahama is buying into a total lifestyle and not just a line of clothing. We appreciate the fine quality of the Tommy Bahama merchandise and not just the way the way it makes us feel comfortable and pleased with our choice of clothing. What we don't need is to be worried about questions of our shirt's authenticity or whether it will fall apart in the wash.

Don't get ripped off by horrible FAKES out there! Do your research, and purchase the REAL deal!

Interested in Authentic Tommy Bahama

This page has been created to help people interested in buying authentic Tommy Bahama merchandise ensure that they do not purchase FAKES. We do not work for Tommy Bahama and are not experts on the authenticity of Tommy Bahama. We are sellers of genuine Tommy Bahama on Ebay and are concerned about the invasion of the fakes here on Ebay. During the past few months we have been working directly with the Tommy Bahama corporate attorney in efforts to rid Ebay of counterfeit Tommy Bahama merchandise.

Sellers who sell FAKES on Ebay make things MUCH harder all of us on Ebay, both buyers and sellers of authentic merchandise!! Please use your own good judgement when choosing ANY designer item being sold here on Ebay, or anywhere else. If possible please try to take any item with questionable authenticity to a reputable vendor of that brand, so that they may look at the item and give you their opinion in person. Some things are hard to guarantee authenticity with only a photo on which to base your opinion. Happy shopping!